"This Is Why We Do What We Do"

San Diego, CA - While most of the stories about Bandit and his many activities are light-hearted in nature, there's also a serious side to the picture. While Bandit and his owner, Mark Shaffer work tirelessly to entertain the public in general, the bulk and focus of their activities are to benefit others less fortunate. Whether it's helping to raise funds for fallen Police officers or bringing joy to the faces of those whose worlds are defined by the parameters of an illness or injury, the goal of these two is to leave everyone with a smile that takes away their harsh reality even if it's just for a few moments.   Read Story >>>

Bandit Back In The Saddle
Quickly After Losing Eye

San Diego, CA - There’s a well-known adage that can now be modified to read “You can’t keep a good Bikerdog down,” Less than 2 weeks after Bandit had emergency surgery to remove his right eye, he was back in the saddle at a charity event.   

The loss of Bandit’s eye to a fast moving infection, came as a shock to all who know and love Bandit. Fox News featured the story on their evening news (see video link below). Get well cards came from near and far, including well-wishes from San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, Actor/Musician Mickey Jones, the staff of San Diego Hospice (See card below)  and many others.  Read Full Story >>>

Bandit Lends a Helping Hand…
or Should We Say a
"'HOPE'ing PAW"
at the Helen Woodward annual Telethon --

SAN DIEGO, CA - The Helen Woodward Animal Center held their annual HOPE Telethon on July 27th, 2008. This year, Bandit made time in his busy schedule to make sure he was there, able to give a “helping paw” by answering phones at this year’s telethon.  “For the past several years,” stated Mark Shaffer, “Bandit and I have not been able to volunteer at this telethon due to a scheduling conflict.”  But when Shaffer found out that this year’s telethon was going to be held on a day he and Bandit were available  to volunteer on the phone bank, he contacted John Van Zante, the Public Relations Manager of the Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC) and told him that Bandit and he would be there this year, to man the phones.  Shaffer added, “Bandit and I are huge supporters of the HWAC and would do anything we can to help this organization out and be there when we can to volunteer our time.”  
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The California Firestorm of 2007:
“... It Was The Worst Of Times...”


San Diego, CA - As I write this on September 27th, 2007, Southern California is still on fire. There are still 11 large fires, not contained, that have burned 628,635 acres in southern California, much of it in San Diego County. Overall, more than 1500 homes have been destroyed and over 1 million people have been evacuated. The loss of property is estimated  at well over $1 billion. And the firestorm isn't done yet.  Read Story >>>

Bandit meets the Mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders at the San Diego Humane Society's annual animal walk.  May 6, 2007

Bandit & Mickey Jones
Ride Again

Orange, CA - Last year, following Bandit’s appearance at the 6th annual CHOC Ride, a motorcycle rally to benefit Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), Board Member Bill Rivera told Mark, “Very few things can bring this much joy to a sick child and you, Laura (Stockham) and Bandit have been blessed to do this.  No question, I know that CHOC wants you back next year…”
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Hundreds of Bikers Support Schwarzenegger

Trabuco Canyon, CA - Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and actor Tom Arnold joined with hundreds of bikers Saturday at a fund raiser held at Cook's Corner in Trabuco Canyon.  When San Diego's Bandit the Biker Dog kissed Tom Arnold, Arnold Surprised Bandit by meeting his kiss tongue-to-tongue. (left)



Bandit Gets To The Heart Of The Matter

Orange, CA - The doctors and nurses of The Heart Institute section of Children’s Hospital of Orange County (“CHOC”) are heart specialists in more ways than one. Their love for their jobs and their patients is evident to all who go there seeking their help. So real is their devotion to their little patients, they recently scheduled an event to reunite patients with their doctors, nurses and members of the hospital staff. The event, which included a special appearance by Bandit, took place on February 4th of this year  Read Story >>> .

Bandit Clause Comes To Town - Again

Orange, CA - For the third straight year, Bandit has brought Christmas Cheer to children undergoing treatment at Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). This year's visit took place Friday, December 21st 2007. 
     “Every time I go there,” said Bandit's owner, Mark Shaffer from his San Diego home, “it's a new group of kids. Most of them have never seen Bandit in person, so it's a 'new' adventure for them. It's always  a treat for me too because I just love the looks on their faces as they meet Bandit face to face.”
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 Mark Shaffer
Bandit's #1 Pal

Mark A. Shaffer, Realtor
Prudential California Realty


San Diego, CA
Mark Shaffer - Realtor, animal lover, motorcycle enthusiast.  "I have a great passion for helping people achieve their dreams," states Shaffer.  Prior to becoming a Realtor with Prudential CA Realty in 2003.   Read Story >>>


Clearwater, FL - Meet Gerry Ashley: writer, editor, publisher, business advisor and friend.  A special mention has to go to Gerry who has been very generous with his time. He's contributed more than any of us expected, offering advice, suggestions and writing the articles on Bandit's web site, not to mention, helping to establish Bandit as a "Public Icon."  With a background as a screenwriter, magazine editor and photographer, he has volunteered his experience and expertise to help promote Bandit as "Bandit The Biker Dog."  A big THANK YOU goes out to Gerry!

CONTACT GERRY: g.ashley@earthlink.net


(L to R): Aaliyah, Toby, Bandit

Video clip of Bandit's niece Aaliyah and Nephew Toby riding Bandit's first Harley along side Bandit on his new and improved Harley.

SEE video (1:56)

Bandit stops to say "Thank You"
to our Veterans at the Mount Soledad
Veterans Memorial.



A Time To Comfort

San Diego, CA - One of Bandit's favorite activities is entertaining people who are confined to a hospital room or hospice and in need of something to smile about. Now, read how Bandit's involvement with San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care does just that, plus the moving story of what caused Bandit to hook up with San Diego's pre-eminent location for those with long-term illnesses.   Read Story >>>    

Bandit Returns To Support The 12th Annual Celebration Of Champions

San Diego, CA - It's not often a little dog gets to assist TWO organizations at a single event, But then again, Bandit isn't your average little dog.   Read Story >>>

Bandit Meets Mother Goose

El Cajon, CA – On Saturday, November 22nd, Bandit appeared as a special guest participant in the 62nd annual Mother Goose Parade in El Cajon.  The Pre-Thanksgiving  Parade, which isthe largest of its type west of the Mississippi, attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators. This year’s crowd was estimated at a quarter of a million people.

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Bandit Gives Two Thumbs Up to "P.A.W.S." !!!

San Diego, CA – As a volunteer driven, non-profit organization, PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support)  San Diego County, Inc. provides essential services to assist the low-income elderly, chronically ill and disabled in keeping their companion animals. PAWS is one of the newest organizations that Bandit has grown fond of. He recently attended his first PAWS social fundraiser event in June.  Bandit got to meet such celebrities as Jack Klugman, Linda Blaire and Denise Brown (Nicole Simpson’s sister).   This event will definitely be on Bandit’s “must attend” list for years to come.  Please visit their web site and help Bandit support this wonderful organization.  http://www.pawssdc.org/

See FOX 6 LIVE Broadcast >>>

Bandit making a special visit to
Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) on Christmas Eve, 2005

Bandit and his date at the
North County Humane Society's FALL BALL
November, 2005



Bandit Nabs 2nd Place In Surf Dog Competition

September 7, 2008 - In only his second surfing competition, Bandit the Biker Dog took second place in the 3rd Annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon.  There was an estimated crowd of several hundred dogs and more than 2,000 people on hand (and paw) to cheer Bandit on. The event, benefitting the Helen Woodward Animal Center, raised nearly $50,000

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Saturday, Aug. 18, 2007, Bandit the Biker Dog gets a long ride during his heat in the solo division at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition in Imperial Beach, Calif.  (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

Bandit "Raises the Woof" Again at PETCO Park

San Diego, CA. – For the fourth straight summer, Bandit will be the parade marshal at the annual  “Dog Days Of Summer” event at Petco Park on Tuesday,  August 26th, 2008.. Sponsored by The San Diego Padres and PETCO, the event included an invitation for all local dog owners to bring their dogs to watch a Padre game, as well as to participate in a pre-game parade lap around the playing field.

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Bandit Adds Cheer To The Christmas You Missed

San Diego, CA -We take so much for granted in this country. From our freedom and the availability of commercial goods, even the promise of tomorrow.  The attack of 9/11/01 snapped us back to the reality that “Freedom” isn’t free. And since our enemies don’t take holidays off, the wonderful men and women who make up our military often find themselves away from home during the holiest if holidays, Christmas. 
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Bandit has now become an "International Celebrity". Featured on the cover on "My Dog" Magazine located in Serbia.
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Actor Tom Arnold shares an intimate moment with San Diego's own Bandit The Biker Dog at Arnold Schwarzenegger's California Dream Ride 2006

A Biker Dog’s Memorial Day


I may be just a biker dog but I'm proud of what I do.

And I could not do any of these things if it weren't for all of you.

By “you” I mean the soldiers, who have made this country free.

And those who guard her now, and keep it safe for you and me.


From the time of the Civil War, we have paused to mark this day.

To let you know how we all feel as we bow our heads to pray.

We pray for those who came before and those who guard us now

And give our thanks to those who've served and kept us free somehow.


Yes, I am just a biker dog, but even I know this

A nation must be strong and firm to share in freedom’s bliss.

And freedom’s cost is always high, no matter what you do.

We must be always ready to stand and see it through.


Don't see this as "just a holiday" for fun, to run and play

Take time to thank the many who fell along the way

Whose lives were sacrificed for ours, so in freedom we could live.

What nobler act of man is there? What more is there to give?


I know… I'm just a biker dog. But questions? I've got two:

Who do YOU think of on this day? They thought so much of YOU.

And HOW do you respect them… what will you do today?

I hope it’s something special. I hope you find a way…


To show them of your gratitude for living in a land

That’s free to seek your destiny in a country vast and grand.

To do less for their sacrifice; would be an insult in the end.

But then, I'm just a biker dog, how ‘bout each of YOU, my friends?


Written by Bandit T. Bikerdog (as told to G. Ashley)





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