Bandit Featured In Winning Canadian 4-H Display
By Gerry Ashley


Langley, British Columbia - Bandit has become widely recognized for his work in supporting many different charitable events coast to coast. He’s supported the efforts of Animal Shelters in New York, to Humane Societies and Hospice centers in California. Harley Davidson has featured Bandit on the cover of its 2006 catalogs, and he’s appeared on magazine covers and in ads nationwide.  

But it still came as a bit of a surprise when Bandit was recently asked to be part of a 4-H project by a young lady in Langley, British Columbia (Canada). And it turned out to be no less satisfying thanks to the efforts of 16 year-old Eva MacLean, a 4 year veteran of the 4-H Club. 

Eva was participating in a project, sponsored by the 4-H, to create an Educational Display based on a topic chosen by the member. Miss MacLean described, in detail, the definition of an “Educational Display” and her chosen topic:

“An Educational Display is a visual method of presenting information quickly.  When viewed, the exhibit should stop the viewer, hold his attention and give him a lasting impression.  Educational Displays can develop the interest of those who see them, influence their attitude, increase their knowledge and stimulate their action.  Through the use of a catchy title, clear, easy to read type, bright pictures and a commanding color scheme, the display should present one idea to the viewer that can be understood in under 1 minute.” 

Eva chose to her display on dog safety equipment. Entitled “Buckle Up, Pup!” The message is “If he really is your best friend, protect him like one.”  Her display features Bandit on Mark Shaffer’s Harley Davidson as the focal point, showing Bandit’s harness and seat belt.  

When asked what inspired her choice of topics, Eva responded, “Zoё, my 4-H dog project is a young Australian Cattle Dog.  I have been looking forward to taking Zoё to the lake this summer, where there's a pedal boat I like to take out across the lake.  Zoё is sure to try to follow me, and I'd love her company, but it's a long swim. I decided to get Zoё a life jacket before we go.  Researching dog life jackets lead to an awareness of other dog safety equipment, and "Buckle Up, Pup" was born! “ 

While searching the Internet for photos of dog safety equipment, Eva discovered Bandit’s web site. She thought a photo of Bandit would be the perfect centerpiece to draw attention to it. She e-mailed Bandit’s owner, Mark Shaffer who quickly agreed to her request.   “She sounded very enthusiastic and well-organized,” Shaffer recalled. And when she told me of the overall concept of animal safety, I jumped at the chance to assist her.” 

4-H members usually spend a several weeks preparing their displays; choosing a topic, gathering materials, designing and setting up the display.  The first competition they are shown at is the Judging Rally, held in May.  Each club will then choose their best display to exhibit at each of the fairs throughout the summer.  In this case, the displays will go to 5 local fairs, including the Pacific National Exhibition.  Each of these fairs will award 1st to 3rd place ribbons for the displays. 

 “One of the main features of a successful Educational Display,” added Miss MacLean, “is a good focal point.  This center of interest is the heart of the message, and should be a real attention grabber.  I felt that it would be pretty hard for anyone to pass by a picture of Bandit in his goggles and biker leathers without stopping for a better look.  And Bandit did his job!  One of the judges commented ‘Bandit is adorable!’” 

For her efforts, Eva MacLean beat out all other competition to take first place! Bandit and Mark wish to congratulate Eva on her wonderful effort and wish her continued success in the upcoming exhibitions!