Bandit Meets Mother Goose
Bandit Rides in the 62nd Mother Goose Parade
By Gerry Ashley


El Cajon, CA – On Saturday, November 22nd, Bandit appeared as a special guest participant in the 62nd annual Mother Goose Parade in El Cajon.  The Pre-Thanksgiving  Parade, which is the largest of its type west of the Mississippi, attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators. This year’s crowd was estimated at a quarter of a million people.

“This is the biggest event of this kind that we’ve been part of,” said Mark Shaffer, Bandit’s owner. “They had dozens of floats, marching bands and a whole lot of performance artists as well as Hollywood celebrities. It was a lot of fun for both Bandit and me.” Some of the celebrities included Chris Knight and Barry Williams from the hit 1970's TV sitcom "The Brady Bunch" and Bandit's old pal, Mickey Jones, from the TV series Home Improvement.

Bandit almost didn’t make it to the parade. As recently as the week before the parade, Bandit was in bed recovering from pneumonia. But he recovered in time and, with his vet’s approval and with Mark at his side, brought smiles to everyone who saw Bandit  riding his trademark mini Harley motorcycle.  For more information on the annual Mother Goose Parade, and to see pictures of this year’s event, click on the below link: