Bandit Takes Delivery Of Customized Mini Harley Davidson
By Gerry Ashley


DEL MAR, CA - Next time you see Bandit riding by on a Harley, check closely: He may not be the passenger. He may be the rider. "I promised him if he passed the certification for Therapy Dog, I'd get him his own bike," said Bandit's human, Mark Shaffer. "He passed, so I figured the only right thing to do is get him his own bike. So I bought him a smaller version. He's not that good with the shifting and he's still learning the art of turning, so I converted it to remote controlled to give him a little assistance. But, shhhh! Don't let him know. He thinks he's doing this all by himself!" 

Shaffer and Bandit "Christened" the bike recently at the Ugly Dog contest in Del Mar, CA and was featured on KUSI's morning program previewing the event. A previous winner, Bandit took the top prize for Best Outfit as he literally rode past the other contestants to get his trophy. "I had bought another motorcycle for him to learn on," Shaffer said, "but it was really too small and didn't really have the right look for him. But this new Harley is bad to the bone, just like Bandit."  To watch a video of Bandit arriving on the KUSI set for his interview:
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