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A Biker Dog’s Memorial Day


I may be just a biker dog but I'm proud of what I do.

And I could not do any of these things if it weren't for all of you.

By “you” I mean the soldiers, who have made this country free.

And those who guard her now, and keep it safe for you and me.


From the time of the Civil War, we have paused to mark this day.

To let you know how we all feel as we bow our heads to pray.

We pray for those who came before and those who guard us now

And give our thanks to those who've served and kept us free somehow.


Yes, I am just a biker dog, but even I know this

A nation must be strong and firm to share in freedom’s bliss.

And freedom’s cost is always high, no matter what you do.

We must be always ready to stand and see it through.


Don't see this as "just a holiday" for fun, to run and play

Take time to thank the many who fell along the way

Whose lives were sacrificed for ours, so in freedom we could live.

What nobler act of man is there? What more is there to give?


I know… I'm just a biker dog. But questions? I've got two:

Who do YOU think of on this day? They thought so much of YOU.

And HOW do you respect them… what will you do today?

I hope it’s something special. I hope you find a way…


To show them of your gratitude for living in a land

That’s free to seek your destiny in a country vast and grand.

To do less for their sacrifice; would be an insult in the end.

But then, I'm just a biker dog, how ‘bout each of YOU, my friends?


Written by Bandit T. Bikerdog (as told to G. Ashley)





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