Grand Slam: Bandit Leads Parade At Padre Game
By Gerry Ashley


SAN DIEGO, CA - For the past five summers, the San Diego Padres organization has teamed up with PETCO to present the annual  “Dog Days Of Summer” event which includes an invitation for all local dog owners to bring their dogs to PETCO Park to watch a Padre game, as well as to participate in a pre-game parade lap around the playing field.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Padres invited San Diego’s “Bandit The Biker Dog” to lead the parade on his very own “pooch-putting” Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This year's event took place on August 26th.

At last years event, Mark was asked to have Bandit stop while rounding home plate to be interviewed by Channel 4's Christina Russo.  The interview was broadcast live.  “We had a lot of fun, and it was a great way to showcase Bandit’s talent,” Madden said after the event.  

“The first time they contacted me asking if Bandit ‘was available,’ said Bandit’s human, Mark Shaffer, “I thought for a moment that maybe they were looking for an outfielder. Bandit’s very good at retrieving balls, but he needs some work on giving it back, so I’m glad that wasn’t what they wanted.”  

In fact, Karen Madden of the Padres Promotions & Special Events informed Shaffer that they were interested in having Bandit lead the parade of pooches around the playing field of PETCO Park. The showcase home of the San Diego Padres is located in the heart of downtown San Diego.

Shaffer added: “Bandit and I had a great time once again and want to thank Karen Madden, the “Pad Squad” and the entire San Diego Padres organization for allowing us to be part of the event again this year. We both look forward to next years 'Dog Days of Summer.' Now if I can just get Bandit to hit those high, inside pitches…”