The Following people and business's deserve a special recognition and a BIG "Thank You".  These people have contributed and gave very generously to Bandit, either by donating there products, time and or expertise.    If you ever need any services these business's provide, please give them a call or look them up on the internet, and let them know that Bandit the Biker Dog sent you. 


Laura Stockham was a very special woman in Bandit's life.  From day one, Laura had been one of Bandit's best friends.  Laura was the person with all the talent who put together most of the wardrobe that Bandit wears today.  Where Mark Shaffer designed most of the outfits, Laura put the designs to reality and sews them all together.  Without Laura, the custom made chaps, vest, jacket, head wraps and bandanas would not exist today.   Laura had put in a lot of time and effort into making Bandit's Wardrobe.  Although Laura has moved on, she deserves a very BIG "Thank You". 


Kearny Mesa Welding
Donald Purscelley,


7813 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA  92111
  Industrial Metal Supply Co.
7550 Ronson Rd.
San Diego, CA  92111
  Hobby People
the Discount Hobby Store

4344 Convoy St.
San Diego, CA  92111
Heather Blood (center)
Membership/Marketing Manager
2345 Fenton Pkwy.
San Diego, CA  92108
Donald was very generous with his time and skills to fabricate this trailer to tow Bandit's Harley.


  Damon and the Industrial Metal Supply Co. was very generous with the diamond plating used for Bandit's trailer.


  The "Hobby People" are those responsible for making Bandit's little Harley what it is today, turning it into  "remote control'.


  A special thank you goes out to Heather Blood and Costco for contributing towards the purchase of 400 photos of Bandit, to be given out to the children at Children's Hospital of Orange County.

Unique Animal Identification and More
These plates will adhere to any surface, doors, windows, walls
  Phil Winter's Marketing Communications 
Phil produced Bandit's Business Cards
This is the wonderful company where Bandit received his CA drivers license.  Please take a moment to visit their website.  These girls will take great care of you.  Bandit LOVES them!!   Promo-Plates deserves a special mention and thank you for contributing towards Bandit's very own "Promo-Plate".
Please take a moment to visit their website.
  Phil is the man responsible for doing such a wonderful job on Bandit's business cards.  Please take a moment to visit Phil's' website.


Mike Mannis of San Diego
Mike Mannis of San Diego recently applied his time and expertise to create a custom, one-of-a-kind airbrushed helmet for Bandit the Biker Dog. The helmet features a red, white and blue flag-like motif with an eagle in flight. Anyone who is looking for any type of custom airbrush work, whether it be canvas, clothing, vehicles or helmets should  take a moment to visit Mike's web site.


Below are some of the organizations that Bandit supports.  You can find Bandit at most of the events and fund raisers that these organizations put on.  Please give them your support too.


San Diego Humane Society and SPCA
5500 Gaines Street
San Diego, CA 92110
Helen Woodward Animal Center
6461 El Apajo Road
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 9206
North County Humane Society
2905 San Luis Rey Rd.
Oceanside, CA 92054


San Diego Hospice
4311 Third Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
San Diego Police Officer Association
8388 Vickers Street
San Diego, CA 92111-2109
Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club
The first motorcycle club exclusively for dogs

The follow are business's and web sites that Bandit's frequents and recommends.  If you decide to visit these business's yourself, pass on to these people you are a friend of Bandit's.

Gary's Photographs
I have had the pleasure of having Gary photograph Bandit.
He does an awesome job!
Weddings, Portraits, Prom, Special Events, Family
South Bark Dog Wash
"Home of the Blueberry Facial"
2037 30th Street
San Diego, CA  92104
The Original Paw Pleasers
Dog/Cat Bakery
2525 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104
The Water Lady
"Your Friendly Neighborhood Drinking Water Store"
2527 1/2 University  Ave.
San Diego, CA  92104
Lucky Dog
557 4th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
ProDigital: Professional Digital Photography
A. Victor Goodpasture, photographer
Boston's & Boxers by Design
For the Boston Terrier and Boxer lovers
Bikers Site of Daytona Beach
Bike Week site of Daytona Beach.  Great places to eat, play, stay and visit in Daytona Beach Florida during Bike Week and Biketoberfest.
Wall Calendars, Boston Puppy Products, Boston door mats,
boxed calendars, posters and more
Doggie Dayz Gourmet Pet Bakery
Welcome to Doggie Dayz Gourmet Pet Bakery, your one-stop-shop for all of your doggie biscuit, cookies, snacks, treats, and whatever your best friend deserves.

Bandit's photo appearing in an ad for T-Bags.
Take a moment to visit their website)